Millard is a great panda who lives in the bamboo portion of the ecosystem. He has a brother, two sisters, and parents. His mother is lower on the ranking system, while his father is towards the top.[1]

His name is pronounced: Mill•erd

Character Edit

Millard enjoys sitting in silence, watching nature be nature. He is born to Zabu and Coco, two different great pandas at diverse levels in the ranking system. They are described as 'Beta and Omega'. He adores his older brother Orion and his sisters Nya and Raina.[1]

History Edit

Millard is seen having a peaceful nap when Zabu and Coco appear. Shortly after that, while Millard's lost in his thoughts, his two sisters and brother appear. Nya and Raina have flowers in their hair, and Millard thinks about their personalities-- describing Raina as more girly, and Nya as braver. He also takes notice of their different pelts. He also sees the huge stack of bamboo Orion has in his jaws. Millard then thinks about the upcoming Web Meeting, and is eager for it.[1]

References & Citations Edit

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